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GO Planners 我是規劃師 2019

P6 - S4 Students

17, 19, 22, 24, 27 Jul 2019

HK 4,400 (HK$ 2,200 for returning students)

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(17 Jul: 2-4:30pm; 19, 22 Jul: 10am-12:30pm, 2-4:30pm; 24 Jul: 2-4:30pm, 6:30-9pm; 27 Jul: 10am -12:30pm)

Date and Time

17 Jul (Wed) : 2pm - 4:30pm

19 Jul (Fri) & 22 (Mon) : 10am-12:30pm; 2pm - 4:30pm

24 Jul (Wed) : 2pm - 4:30pm; 6:30pm - 9pm

27 Jul (Sat) : 10am-12:30pm

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the program, students are able to:

  •  Have the opportunity of communicating their interest, knowledge, creative ideas about transport;

  •  Have their interest, knowledge, and creative ideas affirmed, improved and further extended through the interaction with peers and experts;

  •  Learn from the experience of adult experts in transport, and be stimulated to think more deeply about transport through learning interesting story cases and problems that the experts have come across;

  • Begin to think more about what the interest can have meaning to their own life and career development.

  • Acquire more knowledge about realistic operation and challenges in major transport services through field visits, and appreciate their connection to subject discipline knowledge and creative ideas.

  • Be motivated to identify problems and possible innovations in transport for society, and to carry out useful informational, conceptual and practical studies about the topics.


Course Outline

Session 1 (17/7 PM) : Sharing among participants on their transport interests, observations, creative works and ideas

Session 2 (19/7 AM) : Workshop on urban planning problems and innovative ideas  

Session 3 (19/7 PM) : Field Visit 1

Session 4 (22/7 AM) : Workshop on transport planning problems and innovative ideas

Session 5 (22/7 PM) : Field Visit 2

Session 6 (24/7 PM) : Workshop on urban and transport development plan (work out your own one)

Session 7 (24/7 Evening) : Presentation of your development plan, discussion and feedback

*Parents will be invited to this session (6:30pm-9pm, 24 Jul) so that the instructors could share with parents the capabilities and potentials of their children.


Session 8 (27/7 AM) : Knowledge exchange with young professionals



Target Participants / Prerequisite
Young transport enthusiasts with sustained interest in transport, and also with specific interest in thinking about transport planning and sustainable transport. Applicants will be invited to an interview in early May.
Please write about 100-200 words to describe your interest in this area of transport and city planning, including what you have done in this relevant area so far and why do you want to join this programme. Please also submit any work of yours in this area (e.g. you may have created a city or a bus company by your own imagination or study, or made some relevant drawings, models or design). You can submit several photos of your activities or products to let us understand you more. This is significant to make you stand out from other applicants.
Please send us the above information by email to with the subject "Go Planner 2019 application".

Course Instructor

Dr. KI Wing Wah

Ki is a honorary associate professor of Faculty of Education, HKU. He had over 30 years of teacher training and research experience on learning, thinking and moral development in various disciplines including mathematics, computer technologies, liberal studies, languages, about learners of diverse abilities ranging from students with special needs to exceptional talents.


Mr. Tonny CHUNG 

Tonny is an international multi-disciplinary consultant with over 27 years of experience in the region, specializing in public transport planning (including railway, station, bus and pedestrian planning).  Since the early 1990’s, he has been a founding and leading member of both the Transport Planning Team and the Business/Market/Social Research Team in MVA, the largest consultancy in transport planning in Asia.  He has worked in a number of countries in Asia including China, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia.


Mr. Yutin KI 

Yutin had been a transport planner, involved in a number of large scale planning projects in Pearl River Delta region and Hong Kong. Recent years, he becomes a teacher, teaching geography and liberal studies teachers in secondary schools of different banding, teaching students with diverse ability levels. He has also been head of Career & Guidance in a secondary school. He has supervised students winning the champion of an open competition in 2016 held by CILTHK on sustainable planning.


Medium of Instruction



1.      參加者有機會就其關於交通及城市規劃的興趣、知識和創意想法進行交流

2.      透過與其他愛好者及專業人士的互動,參加者能夠進一步證實、改進及拓展其關於交通及城市規劃的興趣、知


3.      參加者可以從交通及城市規劃界專業人士的經驗中學習,透過專業人士分享他們在實際工作中遇到的案例及難


4.      參加者可以思考他們的興趣對於他們未來的人生和職業發展有什麼意義。

5.      通過實地考察,參加者能夠進一步了解主要公共交通服務及城市規劃在實際操作層面的知識,以及提供公共交            通及城市規劃面臨的挑戰,並懂得交通與其他相關學科知識和創意想法的關聯。

6.      這個項目會鼓勵參加者去嘗試發現現實社會中有關交通及城市規劃的問題和可能的創新做法,並對有關議題進            行有效的信息、概念和實踐研究。








第七節:參與者匯報他們的規劃, 討論及聽取意見



  • 年輕交通愛好者,對交通有著持續的興趣,並對於思考交通規劃和可持續交通的問題有濃厚的興趣。收生標準將參考報名表格提供的信息以及後續的訪談結果。

  • 面試將於5月假香港大學主校園舉行。




請以電郵方式向我們提供上述資訊,寄至,標題請註明 "Go Planner 2019 application"。



祁博士是香港大學教育學院名譽副教授。他在數學,電腦技術,通識教育,語言等多個學科範疇,就其中的學習,思考和德育發展方面的問題,有超過30年的教師培訓和研究經驗, 涉及的不同能力和特徵的學習者。











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