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CTS 1919

Database Technologies and SQL Coding 數據庫科技及 SQL 編程

S1 - S3 Students

16 - 19 Jul 2018 : 2pm - 5pm

HKD 2,860

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Course Objectives
  • To introduce the importance of the development of database.
  • To develop students’ problem solving and coding skills.
Course Outline
  • Exploring the importance of the development of database.

  • Learning the concept of data processing and database.

  • Learning about how to design and build a database and handle data.

  • Learning about SQL coding to create database tables and do queries in a database.




Target Participants / Prerequisite
For students completed S1-S3 who are interested in learning database technologies and SQL coding are welcome.


Course Instructor

Dr. Joyce FUNG

Dr. Joyce Fung, obtained the doctorate from The University of Hong Kong, specialises in the field of gifted education. She is an experienced teacher of mathematics and ICT. She has spent more than 14 years in writing computer and information technology textbooks for secondary schools in Hong Kong. In 2008, she has developed the website HKPARENTS which supplies parental advice and resources online. In recent years, she is enthusiastic in designing various gifted programmes for talented students. She has also been a course designer and instructor in the Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE) at The University of Hong Kong since 2016.


Medium of Instruction
Cantonese supplemented with English



  • 理解數據庫科技的發展及其於大數據世界重要性;

  • 發展解難及編碼技巧


  • 探索數據庫發展的重要性

  • 學習數據處理和數據庫的概念

  • 學習如何建立數據庫及處理數據

  • 學習SQL編碼方法、建立數據圖表及以數據庫處理問題









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