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Q1: Can you give a brief introduction of CAISE?

The full name of CAISE is Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education. It is a research centre within the Faculty of Education of The University of Hong Kong.


The aims of the Centre are to:

  • initiate, facilitate and participate in inclusive and special education-related research;

  • disseminate research on inclusive and special education throughout the region and further afield through publications, seminars, conferences and workshops;

  • provide a centre upon which institutions and organisations can draw for human and other resources for contract research, consultancies, training, and advocacy in relation to inclusive and special education;

  • provide training, learning resources and related services to individuals with diverse learning needs; and

  • provide professional development training programmes, assessment and evaluation resources, and support services to parents, teachers, special education practitioners, and guidance practitioners.

Q2: Can I withdraw from the course after I am admitted to it (before the course starts)?

You are strongly advised to make sure you are available for the course. In case of emergency and unexpected reasons that you need to withdraw from the course, please contact CAISE as soon as pssible to allocate your place to others. Course fee may be refunded at the discretion of HKU CAISE.

Q3: Any refund if I withdraw during the course?

No refund will be arranged for students withdrawing after enrolment's confirmed or missing a class for any reason. 

Q4: Is there any financial aids for students?

Financial aid is available for application to students who need financial assistance (e.g. CSSA / Full School Textbook Assistance Scheme)

For details, please refer to the programme booklet which can be downloaded on the homepage of this website.

Q5: Where are the venues of the courses?

Unless otherwise specified, all the courses will take place in the HKU main campus.

Q6: Can I still apply the course if I am currently studying a year higher/lower than the targeted grade?

Special consideration will be given to students who are strongly interested/ talented for the course but a little deviate from the targeted year of study. We always welcome students who want to learn!

Q7: How can I get the certificate of completion?

For the participants who can fulfill 80% attendance shall receive a course completion certificate. 

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