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How to register?   
  1. Submit the online registration form
  2. ​If you are NEW to our programme or promoted to secondary school, please submit the Online N​omination Form (click here) which could be filled out by Teachers / Mentors / Parents. 
  3. Application Fee HK$250 applies to each student (Inapplicable to seminars). 
  4. Both application fee and workshop fee shall be paid at HKU Online Payment System within 3 days after completing the online registration.
  5. No refund will be arranged for successful applicants unless there is any change in the programme made by the Centre. Programme offer is not guaranteed and the application fee paid is NOT refundable under any circumstances.
Should you have any enquiries, please email us at or WhatsApp 6137 6679 (Ms. Cheung).
  1. 請於網上填妥並遞交報名表格
  2. 如你是首次參加本中心課程或剛升讀中學,請邀請你的班主任 / 科任老師 /  導師 / 教練 / 家長填寫 網上提名表格 (按此連結)
  3. 每位參加者報讀本中心課程,需繳付報名費港幣 $250 (不適用於講座)。
  4. 參加者需於網上報名後 3 日內,到香港大學網上付款系統 繳付報名費及工作坊費用。​
  5. 除非是本中心課程有變,成功申請者均不獲退款。如未能成功編配到學額,報名費在任何情況下均不獲退還。
如有任何查詢,歡迎電郵至 / WhatsApp 6137 6679 與張小姐聯絡。

HKU CAISE Financial Assistance  (Download Application Form)

HKU CAISE Financial Aid is available for application to students who need financial assistance.

e.g. CSSA / Full School Textbook Assistance Scheme.

The tuition fee will be waived for the successful applicant. The applications are assessed independently at the discretion of HKU CAISE.

Please complete the HKU CAISE Scholarship Form and send to the following address:
CAISE, Faculty of Education, HKU
Room 504, Meng Wah Complex,
The University of Hong Kong,
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.
Re: HKU CAISE Financial Assistance Application

助學金 (下載申請表)


本中心設有HKU CAISE 助學金以資助有經濟困難的學生報讀本中心課程(例如領取綜援/全額書簿津貼學生等)。










如有任何查詢,歡迎電郵至 / whatsapp 6137 6679與張小姐聯絡。

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