Children's Writing Competition 2021: Write & Publish Your Own eBook
Attention all Grade 3 - 6 students studying in Hong Kong schools
The Laboratory and Programme for Creativity and Talent Development at The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Education invites you to write and publish your own eBook as part of a Children's Writing Competition.
To nourish children's creativity and passion for writing stories, and at the same time gain experience in publishing online.
Grade 3 - 6 students studying in Primary schools in Hong Kong in 2021
Topic for story
Write your story based on one of the following themes:
  1. Making a new friend who turned out to be very special.
  2. A wrong decision or choice you made, and how you overcame it.
  3. You wake up one morning with a new superpower. What is it? Describe the rest of your day.
  4. Describe what life will be like after COVID-19.
  5. Describe your best day ever.
Word limit
  • Primary / Grade 3: 300 - 500 words
  • Primary / Grade 4: 400 - 600 words
  • Primary / Grade 5: 500 - 700 words
  • Primary / Grade 6: 500 - 800 words
     Stories over 800 words will not be accepted
Only electronic submissions will be accepted.
Write your story in Word or Google Docs, with font size 14 and 1.5 spacing.
Name your file: Grade level-Your Name-Title of story (e.g., P5-Chan Tai Man-The Best Day)
Provide some images/illustrations (up to 10) to go with your story. They may be hand-drawn, cartoon, digital, downloaded images, photographs. Compile them into ONE PDF file with suitable captions.
Name your file as: Grade level-Your Name-images (e.g., P5-Chan Tai Man-The Best Day-images)
Judging Criteria
Stories will be marked out of 100 based on the criteria below.
  • Creative ideas; Originality (20%)
  • Relevance to chosen topic or theme (10%)
  • Use of detailed descriptions (30%)
  • Clear structure; Effective organization (10%)
  • Fluency (20%)
  • Accurate use of grammar, punctuation and spelling (10%)
Y.Y. Chan, award-winning author of 'Can You Hear Me, Daddy?'(HK)
Gentleman Jim (James Roberts), author of 'Spelf-Check' (US)
Anna Smithers, award-winning author of the 'Yogi Superhero' Series (UK)
Sarah Tucker, author of the 'Adventures with Harry & Friends' Series (US)
Natalia Shudruk, author of 'Wildflower Kiss from Heaven' (US)
Aisha Khalfay, author of 'Magi-Pals' (US)
THREE winners will be selected.
Each winner will receive:
  • Award Certificate
  • Publication of eBook by HKU CAISE
  • An interview and coaching session with an author online
  • A training workshop on how to create eBooks and publish online
The top 10 shortlisted stories will receive a Certificate of Honorable Mention.
Application Fee
HKD$200 per entry. Each participant can submit a maximum of TWO entries.
If financial assistance is needed, refer to Note #3 for details.
Application Procedures
Submit an online application and upload all required files with appropriate file names.
  1. Story (refer to Format above for details)
  2. Images (refer to Format above for details)
  3. Record of payment (refer to Note #2 for details)
You will receive the acknowledgement email after submission.
Application Deadline
April 18, 2021 (23:59)
**Extended to May 2, 2021 (23:59)
Announcement of Results and Prize Ceremony
July 2021
phone:      3917 5828
whatsapp: 6137 6679
  1. Copyright
    • By entering the competition, participant must understand that his / her work will be made public, and all right are given to HKU CAISE to publish.​
    • HKU CAISE has the right to quote participant's submitted work for educational and research purposes.
  2. Method of Payment for Entry
    • Make payment by (a) ATM or (b) online banking to HSBC 002-222834-001 (Account Holder: The University of Hong Kong).​
    • Please be reminded to keep the pay slip / online payment reference information (save a copy of the transaction with date, time, ref. no.).
    • Name your file as: Grade level-Your Name-payment (e.g. P5-Chan Tai Man-payment).
    • No refunds can be made after online application has been received by HKU CAISE.
  3. Financial assistance
    • For students who need financial assistance, application fee can be waived with proof of CSSA / Full School Textbook Assistance Scheme; or validation from the school teacher. For details, please contact us directly.


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