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Magic, Science and Mathematics
魔術, 科學與數學

Grade 年級

小五至中三 P5-S3

Price  費用


Date  日期

12/8, 14/8, 16/8/2024


工作坊簡介  About the Workshop


Many people have seen fabulous magic shows. Have you ever thought about getting to know the principles that are related to science and mathematics and becoming a young magician?

工作坊目標  Workshop objectives


Learn the principles of some science and mathematics related magic tricks, practice and perform in the workshop.

教學語言 Language of instruction


導師簡介  Your Instructor

Mr. Tse Chi Ting


Tse Chi Ting holds a Master degree in Electrical engineering and got distinction in Post-graduate Certificate of Education. He had been an engineer in an international listed company in early career and become a teacher for about 30 years afterwards. His teaching experience includes teaching in secondary school (panel chairman of mathematics committee), School of Continuing Studies of the CUHK (now CUSCS) for more than two years and short-term teaching in the Hong Kong Technical Teacher College (now Education University of Hong Kong). Currently he is responsible for academic development and design of science programs. He had served many schools and organizations.

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