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OE21-KP01 童聲童戲
K3至小一學生及其家長  (廣東話)
5月9, 16, 23, 30日,6月6, 13 日 (共6節)
A 組: 上午10時30分至中午12時
B 組: 下午1時至2時半
費用: 全免
K3 - P1 students and parents (in Cantonese)
9, 16, 23, 30 May; 6, 13 Jun (6 sessions)
A group: 10:30 - 12:00
P group: 13:00 - 14:30
Fee: Free of charge
*This is an online programme which will be conducted via Zoom.


  • 透過繪本分享及遊戲後的反思,讓幼兒瞭解情緒的種類,提昇對情緒的覺察,幫助建立正確的自我價值

  • 透過有趣的同儕遊戲,提昇幼兒遊戲能力及社交能力,認識遊戲當中的明規則及潛規則,建立幼兒領䄂能力,強化幼兒的優點,提升幼兒在團隊中的自信心

  • 透過團體合作的遊戲,增進幼兒的人際溝通技巧,改善人際互動的模式,逐漸孕育出成熟的人格特質,學習恰當的方式表達自己,學習尊重及以禮待人的態度,達到人際關係的和諧

  • 透過每堂靜觀遊戲練習,讓幼兒覺察當下,專注自己當刻的感受和思維,幫助幼兒建立自我情緒恢復的能力並提昇幼兒對抗逆境的能力





現時是香港大學碩士一年級兼讀學生,正修讀 Med of Gifted Education and Talent Development 的課程。現於香港專業教育學院任教,主要培訓職前幼稚園老師。曾擁有五年前線學前兒童教學經驗,分別在本地學幼稚園及國際學教任教 2-6 歲幼兒,教學以幼兒為中心及以遊戲及互動形式帶領不同的學習活動。我相信每一位學生各有所長立志於幫助學生把自己的潛能發展。



Programme Objectives
  • Via picture-book-based sharing and post-game reflection: (i) help toddlers understand the types of emotion; (ii) enhance toddlers’ awareness of emotion; and (iii) help toddlers establish appropriate self-worth.

  • Through interesting peer games: (i)enhance toddlers’ game and social competence; (ii) help toddlers identify the written and unwritten rules of the games; (iii) establish toddlers’ leadership; (iv) strengthen toddlers’ unique merit; and (iv) enhance toddlers’ level of confidence in a team.

  • Through teamwork games: (i) improve toddlers’ social communication skills; (ii) enhance toddlers’ interpersonal interaction patterns; (iii) gradually cultivate mature personality traits; (iii) help toddlers to learn to treat other with respect and politeness; and (iv) achieve harmonious interpersonal relationships.

  • Through the practice of engaging in mindfulness games in every lesson, help toddlers to be aware of the present moment, help toddlers to focus on their feelings and thinking at the present moment, help toddlers to build up emotional self-regulation competence, and enhance toddlers’ ability to confront adverse situations.

Programme Description

This course is a social emotion learning course based on picture books and games, and it is expected to be carried out online. The unique feature of this course is that the interactive contents. Other than that, child-centered learning targets will be implemented throughout the course to develop toddlers’ social competence, communication skills, cooperative competence, and resilience.

Target Participants / Prerequisite​

K3 - P1 students and their parents


Programme Instructor

Ms. Yau Tsz Sin (Emily)

I am a part-time Master student who is currently pursuing Med of Gifted Education and Talent Development at University of Hong Kong. Currently, I hold a teaching position at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, and my main job scope is to provide training to pre-service kindergarten teachers. Previously, I have five years of front-line preschool teaching experience. During my teaching years, I have taught toddlers aged 2–6 years old at both local kindergartens and international schools. In terms of teaching style, I adopt a child-centered and interaction- based style in leading different learning activities. I believe that each student has their own unique talents, and I opt to help students develop their own potential.

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese supplemented with English teaching materials

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