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Let’s talk about your thoughts – Keep learning while Netflixing!
S2 – S4 students (in English)
Group A: 15, 22, 29 May; 6, 12, 19 Jun (6 sessions) 10:00-11:30
Group B: 26 Jun; 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Jul (6 sessions) 10:00 - 11:30
中二至中四學生 (英文)
A組: 5月15, 22, 29日,6月6, 12, 19日 (共6節) 上午10時至11時半
B組: 6月26日,7月3, 10, 17, 24, 31 日 (共6節) 上午10時至11時半
*This is an online programme which will be conducted via Zoom.
Programme Objectives
  • Bring various social and emotional topics to students’ awareness – such as, personal strengths, mindfulness, creativity and social support system.

  • Increase students’ confidence on voicing their opinions using English

  • Improve students’ English listening skills 


Programme Description

Participants will be assigned with a film or documentary to watch on Netflix a week before each session takes places. Family members are highly encouraged to enjoy the viewing together. Topics that each session will cover includes:
Session 1 – Character strengths
Session 2 – Social Support System
Session 3 – Self-advocacy
Session 4 – Mindfulness and Mindsets
Session 5 – Creativity
Session 6 – Humor and Wrap-up session 

Target Participants / Prerequisite​

F.2 - 4 students who are interested in personal growth and improving their English speaking and listening skills. This program will be particularly beneficial to students who thinks they are shy but are motivated to be more vocal. Having a Netflix account is not a must for the program. Applicants will be invited to a short interview in early May. 


Programme Instructor

Ms. Gigi Yan

A candidate for the Master of Education in Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Hong Kong, Gigi also works as a program manager in one of the top universities in the United States. Her programs bring students from abroad to Hong Kong and supports their local exploration while taking some of the most rigorous academic curriculum. She volunteers at Bring Me A Book Hong Kong and is a vivid gym-goer during her leisure time. Gigi believes learning can be fun and small talks in English does not have to be intimidating. 

Medium of Instruction


  • 探討各種社交和情感話題,例如個人能力,才華發展,情緒和心態。

  • 提高學生使用英語表達意見的信心

  • 提高學生的英語聽力能力

學員會每周看一套指定Netflix電影或紀錄片。通過Netflix,學員會在課堂上更深入探討與個人發展和情感有關的主題。 課堂會用英語教授, 藉此提升學生的英語聽力和會話能力。 主題包括:
第一節 – 品格優勢
第二節 – 人際生態理論
第三節 – 自我倡導
第四節 – 正念與心態
第五節 – 創意與創造力
第六節 – 幽默感與總結


香港大學資優教育碩士生,也是一位駐香港的美國頂尖大學的經理,主要負責海外留學課程。她帶領海外的學生來到香港,並在協助他們探索香港的同時,讓學生也持續參與嚴謹的學術課程。甄瀅舫私下熱衷於運動且會在Bring me a Book Hong Kong當義工。她認為學習可以是有趣的,用英文的閒聊也不應該是讓人緊張的。



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