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Psychology of Happiness? Happiness can be learned?
幸福心理學 ? 幸福可以學 ?
31 Mar; 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 Apr 2021 (6 sessions) 10:00 – 12:00
3月31日,4月1、2、3、5及6日 (6節)︰上午10時至中午12時
To be open for registration
*This is an online programme which will be conducted via Zoom.
Programme Objectives

Parents can

-    Learn the concept of Positive Psychology (“PERMA”)
-    Practice the skills of positive parenting
-    Develop the character strengths in children


Programme Outline 

In society, many work hard every day but hardly feel a sense of purpose; some have career success but stay unhappy; some; and some have many friends but remain lonely. 

Are your children happy? What do you want your children to become?

This workshop will introduce what psychology tells us about happiness and well-being. Research findings show that as we develop our character strengths, positive impacts will become evidential, such as academic achievement, psychological well-being, interpersonal relationships, coping with stress, career advancement, etc. 

If you want your children to enjoy a flourishing life, you are welcome to join this program.

Session 1: Gratitude
Session 2: Optimism
Session 3: Mindfulness
Session 4: Kindness
Session 5: Meaning
Session 6: Growth Mindset

Target Participants / Prerequisite



Programme Instructor

Dr. Matthew Chu

Dr. Matthew Chu is an Educational Psychologist. He is serving as a Lecturer teaching the postgraduate programs and the founding member of The Special Interest Group for Gifted Education, Creativity and Talent Development, The University of Hong Kong. With his professional specialty in Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Giftedness, he has been invited to give professional training programs for various government departments, NGOs, and professional bodies, like Education Bureau,
Social Welfare Department, The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, and The Hong Kong Psychological Society.

Medium of Instruction 


  • 學習正向心理學概念

  • 運用正向親子管教

  • 培養子女的品格強項





這工作坊會讓家長認識心理學告訴我們有關幸福快樂的秘密。研究發現,運用品格強項 (character strengths) 可以給生活帶來很多正面的影響,例如︰學業成績、心理健康、人際關係、壓力處理、事業成就等。  


  • 常懷感恩,珍惜擁有

  • 遇到逆境,「挫」而不「折」

  • 平常事,用心做,投入生活的每一刻

  • 為別人傷心而難過,為別人成功而高興,懷有良善仁厚的心

  • 瞭解上天給自己的禮物,活出使命感,熱愛生命

  • 懂得與困難共處,能從「痛」而不「苦」的經歷中學習

第一節 : 感恩
第二節 : 樂觀
第三節 : 靜觀
第四節 : 良善
第五節 : 意義
第六節 : 成長心態





朱可達博士是教育心理學家及​香港大學講師 。

朱博士的專業專長包括靜觀 (Mindfulness),正向心理學 (Positive Psychology) 和資優教育,曾受邀為政府不同部門,非政府組織和專業團體(例如教育局,社會福利署,香港資優教育學院)提供專業培訓。



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