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Finding T-Rex 尋龍記
P4 - P6 小四至小六學生
2021年7月24日, 31 日及8月7 日 (3 sessions) 下午4時至6時
HKD $2,400




1. 香港地質的基本認識

2. 化石及化石燃料的形成

3. 全球及本地地貌

4. 多角度思考及理性推測

5. 鼓勵本地野外考察


你曾見過暴龍嗎?你如何能確定它們曾經真實存在?在本課程中,我們將引導學生列出在香港尋找暴龍的優先/順序條件,同時解釋為甚麼如此巨大的暴龍,卻無法穿過岩層中出現的一條“線”。 除暴龍外,漫長的地質時代還存在各種古代生物,這些古生物在死亡後也可能被化石化,而是否所有化石都能變成化石燃料呢?如果這些古生物不曾被滅絕,牠們能存活在今天的世界嗎?



·       通過認識岩石遁環及岩石種類,探究暴龍在何種條件下能被保存

·       建立地質學邏輯推理的知識



·       探查不同的古生物如何在經歷不同的地質時代

·       推斷恐龍的生存環境如何受到恆久不息的地殻運動和岩石風化影響

·       整合出一個具邏輯性的恐龍滅絕故事



·       分析恐龍、化石和化石燃料的關係

·       查考恐龍在現代環境中是否能夠生存

·       了解氣候變化的影響












Debbie Tsang

Debbie 是一位熱愛自然環境,並對科學充滿好奇的地質學家。她於2018年取得名古屋大學頒發的博士學位,主修地球環境科學。她一直認為地球是我們從孩子們那裡借來的寶貴資源,因此熱衷於科學教育,並積極推廣環境可持續性。Debbie曾有指導4-20歲的學生的經驗,包括STEM課程、IB地理和科學課程、大學課程輔導等。通過引導和鼓勵,她幫助學生建立更強的自信和批判性思維能力。



*This is an online programme which will be conducted via Zoom.
Programme Objectives

Student will learn:

1. Introduction of Geology in Hong Kong

2. Formation of fossil and fossil fuel

3. Global and local landform

4. Multi-angle thinking and making logical predictions

5. Encouraging field observation in Hong Kong

Programme Description

T-Rex? Have you seen it before? How can you be so sure that they had existed?

In this programme, we are going to introduce how we may identify / prioritize those criteria to look for T-Rex in Hong Kong. We will explain why the gigantic T-Rex couldn’t get past “a line” seen in the rock. Other than T-Rex, various ancient creatures existed throughout geological eras, these creatures might also be fossilized after death. Can all fossils turn into fossil fuels? If these ancient organisms did not extinct, would they exist in the contemporary world?


Session 1

·       Explore the preservation criteria for T-Rex based on rock cycle and rock types

·       Build knowledge on the ‘Logic of Geology’


Session 2

  • Investigate how different ancient creatures lived through different geological era in history

  • Make inferences how unrest Earth movement and rock weathering affect living environment of dinosaurs

·       Integrate a logical story of dinosaur extinction


Session 3

·       Analyse the relationship among dinosaurs, fossils and fuels

·       Examine whether dinosaurs can survive in modern days environment

·       Recognize the impact of climate change

Target Participants / Prerequisite

P4-P6 students​

Programme Instructors

Vincent Choi

Vincent Choi, a geologist, was born in Hong Kong. Fond of Mother nature. Could not tell the difference between geography and geology before being a university student.

Graduation trip to Yemen, in the Middle East, for exploring the birthplace of coffee, ultimately discovered the unique Dragon blood tree. 

Working in Indonesia, experiencing volcano eruption and earthquake, one day knew the sea living fossil since Cretaceous accidentally. Intending to learn playing volleyball in Kazakhstan, central Asia, but then walked into a glowing cave.

Looking for the maiden gold in Congo, finally came across with dwarfs but no sight of Snow White.

Oh, all these are associated with geology!

Any T-rex in Hong Kong? The world is full of possibilities.

Debbie Tsang

Debbie is a geologist who is fascinated by the natural environment and has strong curiosity about science. She obtained her Ph.D. majored in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Nagoya University in 2018. She perceives the Earth as precious resource we borrow from our children, therefore has developed great passion for science education and propagation of environmental sustainability. Debbie has experience coaching students of age 4-20, including STEM classes, IB geography and science curriculum, and university tutorials. Via stimulation and encouragement, she helps students build up stronger confidence and critical thinking skills.


Medium of Instruction


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