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Course Description
(A) STEM Ideas Around the World (P3-P4)
(B) STEM Ideas Around the World (P5-P6)
Course Objective

To promote STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – to children.


The course is designed based on the three key elements:

  • Higher-order Thinking Skills Development

  • Creativity Development

  • Personal-social Competence Development

Course Outline

Students will be guided to

  1. explore the big inventions and latest technology from different countries; 

  2. explore the mathematics games from different countries; and 

  3. explore the latest smart home technologies and design their ideal smart home.

(C) Super Artists - Visual Arts for Creative and Talented Children (P5-P6)
Course Objectives

By the end of these workshops, students will be able to

  • Differentiate various kinds of media and language in visual arts, i.e. painting, illustrations, photography and sculpture.

  • Demonstrate the methods of manipulating tools and materials for different media in visual arts.

  • Appreciate the aesthetics and creativity of artworks created by the class.


Course Outline
  • Session 1: Painting

  • Session 2: Illustrations

  • Session 3: Photography

  • Session 4: Sculpture

  • Session 5: Mini-Exhibition

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