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Wall Street Forerunner 華爾街先鋒

Grade 年級

中三至中六 S3-S5

Price  費用


Date  日期



工作坊簡介  About the Workshop

Over the course of six sessions, students will gain knowledge in finance and be equipped to assess investment opportunities effectively. 



工作坊目標  Workshop objectives

The objective of the programme is to offer students with a thorough grasp of finance and investment. It covers essential finance principles while delving into real-world scenarios and the impact of behavioral factors on financial decision-making.


教學語言 Language of instruction

English supplemented by Putonghua 英語輔以普通話

導師簡介  Your Instructor

Ms. Eva Lai 賴雯華女士

Eva holds a Master of Education in Gifted Education and Talent Development from the University of Hong Kong. With prior experience in investment banking, stakeholder relationship management, and private equity investment, she brings a unique perspective in teaching and enriches her role as a Lecturer at Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

Eva is passionate about nurturing and fostering the growth of gifted students. She is dedicated to bridging academic concepts with real-world applications and creating a dynamic learning environment to effectively guide and support gifted students, helping them reach their full potential.



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