Young Architect 「建」出我天地

P4 - P6 Students

13 - 18 Aug 2018 : 3pm - 6pm

HKD 4,320

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Course Objectives
  • In this program, students will understand the social needs in Hong Kong and will apply divergent and convergent thinking approach to generate ideas for solutions to social problem.

  • Students will conduct research in multi-sensory approach during site visit and understand the influence of Hong Kong’s urbanscape on the lower class’s living condition.

  • Students will learn basic concepts of architectural design, and propose solutions to the problems of the urban environment.

  • Throughout the project, students will generate design concepts, evaluate designs and give a comprehensive presentation. Students will enhance their leadership, time-management, cooperation and presentation skills for their all-round development. Students will also enhance their creativity through the visual thinking method.

  • Students will enhance their affective development through the reflection on the housing problems faced by the homeless people.


Course Outline

Young architect is an innovation program that combines the unique topic of architecture, divergent thinking approach and social issues. We adopt divergent thinking approach to equip students with diverse ideas generation and problem-solving skills, and enhance their social responsibilities through the process of investigating the problems faced by the underprivileged in the society. Students will act as architects to explore the housing problem in the society, generate diverse solutions and design a unique product, as well as to present to the public. Important personal qualities, such as creative thinking, questioning and evaluating skills, as well as self-reflective habits and leadership will be highlighted throughout the program. Parents will be invited to share the joy and join the final presentation session in the last day of program.


Target Participants / Prerequisite
For students completed P4 - P6 who demonstrate a proficiency in English, high level of creativity and problem-solving skills.


Course Instructor

Miss Dawn CHAN

Miss Dawn Chan is a part-time lecturer of HKU CAISE and has worked on various architectural projects in Hong Kong after her graduation from the School of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has rich experience in exhibition and theatre set design. She is experienced in conducting talent programs in schools and is dedicated to implementing design elements in talent programs. She is currently a part time tutor for Design and Visual Communication in HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity.

Miss Rosalina Chan

Miss Rosalina Chan has dedicated herself to STEM education promotion for years and is experienced in science event planning, course development and nurturing students through different hands-on experiments. She also has experience in leading secondary students to participate in overseas competitions. She has a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biotechnology and has worked at the Creative Education Unit of HKFYG which mainly provides STEM education services to primary and secondary students through a series of workshops, carnivals and talented programmes.

Medium of Instruction
English and Cantonese
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