Assist Gifted / High ability Students to Unleash from Perfection 協助學生從「完美」中釋放

Educators, social workers and related supporting staff

3 & 4 Aug 2019 (Sat & Sun): 10am - 1pm; 2pm - 5pm

HK$ 3,000

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Course Objectives
  • Comprehend the theoretical construction of perfectionism, its contributing factors and influences

  • Develop deeper understanding of giftedness and perfectionism with highlight of basic risks

  • Acquire skills to support students with perfectionistic traits to be emotionally stable and strong for further transformation


Course Outline

Basic construction of perfectionism; linkage and consequence with gifted / highly able learners will be illustrated.


Supporting means to help students

1) anchor themselves emotionally,

2) reflect and observe without judgment, and

3) plant and water positive seeds in self will be demonstrated. 


Target Participants / Prerequisite
Educators, social workers and related supporting staff


Course Instructor

Ms. Jo NG 

Ms. Jo Ng a developmental consultant, a teacher and a registered social worker. She received a master's degree in Special Education with Gifted Education Concentration from the University of British Columbia. She has been working in local and international schools. She also worked at the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education as a professional development officer in the Teacher Professional Development Division for 3 years.


Currently Jo provides consultation service related to special educational needs in local primary schools. She has also been an instructor in the Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE) at the University of Hong Kong since 2015, and served as the Academic Advisor of Hong Kong Gifted Education Teachers’ Association.


Jo is keen to support the growth and well-being of children, adolescents, parents and educators through providing case consultation, developmental groups and professional development training. She has been practicing mindfulness under the tradition of Plum Village since 2013 and completed the one-year Mindfulness Teachers Training Program by The Mindfulness Academy in 2015. She has initiated a quarterly Day of Mindfulness for Children with Plum Village monastics and HKU CAISE since March 2016.


Her aspiration is to cultivate joy and happiness in children, family, schools and the society.

Medium of Instruction
Cantonese supplemented with English
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