Tasting of Olympiad Math

For P5 - P6 students

27-31 JUL 2015 (Mon - Fri) - 9.30am-11.30am (5 sessions, 10 hours)


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Course Objectives

After the completion upon this programme, participants would be able to: Broaden participants’ mathematical knowledge in the following topics for each lesson.


1.  Looking for a pattern & Sequence with a common difference

       - Logic & Remainder Problems

       - Partial Fraction & Pigeonhole Principle

       - Angles and Triangles

       - Geometric Problems

2.   Strengthen their problem solving and higher ordering skills;

3.   Enrich the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills among participants while collectively involving
      the learning activities;

4.   Motivate participants to prepare themselves spiritually for joining International Mathematical
      Olympiad in the near future;

5.   Have a general picture of International Mathematical Olympiad.

Course Outline

The brightest international mathematic competition, 57th International Mathematical Olympiad 2016 would be hosted in July 2016 in Hong Kong. Indeed, it is a glory for Hong Kong hosting this competition. Besides, there would be over 100 teams of secondary mathematically talented students coming from over 100 cities to take part in the Mathematical Olympiad 2016.


Moreover, there was a film entitled “X+Y(數造天才)” to be broadcasted in Hong Kong cinemas in the second quarter of 2015. The story of the film mainly talked about a British teenager, Nathan who shew his strong interest in Mathematics, but found it very difficult to communicate and get along well with other people, even his mother. Afterwards, he received mathematics trainings since he was a little boy and was finally chosen to represent UK to take part in the International Mathematical Olympiad as he was a teenager. During receiving another training in Tai Wan before joining the International Mathematical Olympiad, he encountered much unforgettable experiences he never met them before.


As a result, a course entitled “Tasting of Olympiad Math” would be held this year. All participants would have a general picture of what International Mathematical Olympiad is at the beginning of the course. Besides, all of them would also attempt to do some types of questions which are similar to the local or the international mathematical competitions for primary students. They could have a taste of the challenges and beauties of those questions so as to broaden their horizons in the field of Mathematics as well as prepare themselves spiritually for joining International Mathematical Olympiad in the near future. 

Target Participants / Prerequisite
  • Top ranking in all summative assessments of the subject for one whole year in the school

  • Obtaining any award of local or international related competitions to be an advantage

  • Good conduct


Course Instructor

Anderson KWAN
Anderson Cheuk-kuen, KWAN (Cert.Ed., B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Ed., MACE), who seconded to Mathematics Education Section of Education Bureau (EDB) for 2 years, is an adjudicator of EDB Math Book Report Competition since 2009, a focus and working group member of EDB Digital Depository (Math) from 2009 to 2013 and a founding member of the special interest group for Gifted Education, Creativity and Talent Development at HKU. Besides, he has acted as a course designer and tutor of gifted programmes held by HKU for several times as well as had a sharing to HKU M.Ed. students regarding gifted education. In addition, he was also a guest speaker invited by the Review and Planning Section of EDB to conduct a sharing to secondary teachers how to conduct math lessons for junior form secondary students by English Medium Instruction. At last, he also publishes a journal regarding gifted education in Math in Gifted and Talented International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity in 2013 jointly written with a HKU associate professor. 

Medium of Instruction
Conduct in Cantonese and supplemented notes in English

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