Strategic Thinking and Learning Skills Programme for Primary Students (Academic study skills)

For P4 - P6 students

18-21, 24, 26 AUG 2015, 10am – 12nn (6 sessions, 12 hours)


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Course ​Objectives

  1. Students will learn more about their learning styles and their present learning experiences.

  2. Students will get an idea of how to evaluate their study habits for a more strategic and meaningful study life.

  3. Students will become aware of the importance of questioning established ideas, creating new ideas and turning information into argument through using thinking methods.

Course Description
Knowing who you are and how you learn
New and innovative techniques in developing understanding
Organizing your thoughts and through systematic note-taking
Ways of developing frames for critical thinking and argument construction
Learning effective writing to communicate understanding
Easy Tricks for remembering what you read
Develop thorough knowledge of your true self
Generating enthusiasm, becoming a Lifelong Learner
Establishing efficacy for deep and strategic learning as achievers


Target Participants / Prerequisite

  1. Above average ability in academic result/project learning skills(Ability Dimension)

  2. Creative, have strong willingness to try new things(Creativity Dimension)

  3. High motivation in learning language and general studies(Task Commitment Dimension)


Course Tutor

Ken YU

Ken YU is currently an independent education consultant, focusing on gifted education and talent development  in Hong Kong and South China. He has undergraduate and/or  postgraducate qualifications in journalism, science, social sciences, education studies, research and  business  fields. He has been served as part-time lecturer at  various local universities and gifted education programme instructor at Fung Hon Chu Gifted Education Center, Education Bureau, Hong Kong over the years.

Medium of Instruction
Cantonese supplemented with English
HKU Campus



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