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Social Stars SHINE (KG) 社交閃星星,遊戲日日玩

K2 - K3 Students

15 Jul - 16 Aug 2019: 10am - 12:30pm (select min. 5 days)

HKD 2,850 / 5 classes (HKD510/ extra class)

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Update: Early bird discount (10% off) is valid till 17 May 2019

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Social Stars Shine Application deadline is 31 May 2019


Course Objectives 
  1. Enhance talented children’s social skills development;

  2. Build up their leadership in group settings and develop them as autonomous learner through designing and playing games;

  3. Be guided to appreciate individual differences and human diversity when playing face-to-face interactive games with peers;

  4. Improve their play competencies and social skills

  5. Reinforce their strengths and boost up their confidence in groups.

  6. Identify their weaknesses in group interactions for further remedial actions

Course Outline

“Social Stars SHINE” is a social emotional learning programme that utilises the interactive nature of group-games, structured with specific learning targets covering communication, interpersonal interactions, cooperation and team building skills.

Theme and Date

The whole program lasts for 5 weeks with 5 different themes. Parents have to select minimum 5 classes from 25 classes. The content of each class is unique. It is not necessary to take 5 classes in a row. Parents could also enroll more classes for their children if they find the program theme interesting (the 6th class or above: $510/class).


1.      Social Skills ( 15-19 / 7 / 2019)

2.      Communications and Express oneself ( 22-26 / 7 / 2019)

3.      EQ (29/7 – 2/8, 2019)

4.      Attention & Listening (5-9 / 8 / 2019)

5.      Leadership and Problem Solving (12-16/ 8 / 2019)

Target Participants / Prerequisite

For students completed K2-K3 who are interested in or aim at enhancement in social skills.

New comers will be invited to join a Play Day before the summer program.

Course Instructor

Honorary Education Consultant Dr. Sylvia LIU and a Professional Team

Dr. Sylvia Liu has more than 10 years of hands-on training experience with gifted and talented students. She adopts interactive game approach to train and assess their personal and social competence. There are lots of innovative play-based learning activities which are designed and implemented by her.


In 2006 Dr. Sylvia Liu pioneered the play-based intervention “Pillars of Society” in primary schools and the intervention has been kept running at the beginning of each academic year in primary schools.


“No Play No Gain” Kindergarten Social and Emotional Learning Project 2016-2017 was funded by the Quality Education Fund, Hong Kong Education Bureau (details of the project could be found at ). She and a team of experienced game trainers will run this summer program together.


Medium of Instruction



  1. 促進資優兒童的社交技巧發展;

  2. 設計遊戲讓兒童一起玩,建立他們的領導及自主學習能力,並成為群組的小領袖;

  3. 與同儕一起玩面對面的互動遊戲時,引導兒童學會欣賞個人的特質和與別人不同之處;

  4. 促進兒童的遊戲能力及社交技巧;

  5. 強化兒童的強項,提高他們在團隊中的自信心

  6. 辨識兒童在團體互動中的弱項,並作進一步矯正協助






人際社交 (15- 19 / 7 / 2019)



溝通表達 (22-26 / 7 / 2019)



情緒EQ (29/7/-2/8 /2019)



專注聆聽 (5-9 / 8 / 2019)



領袖解難 (12-16/ 8 / 2019)






·       家長可選擇每星期上一堂,讓孩子參與全部共5個不同主題。

·       家長亦可針對孩子的才華和興趣,選擇某一個或多個主題的課堂,即連續上課一星期。








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