Social Media and Information Overload 社交媒體與資訊超載

S1 - S3 Students

10 Aug 2018 : 10am - 1pm

HK$ 750

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Course Objectives

This workshop is designed for gifted students for whom social media is part of their daily lives and who are particularly interested in learning effective ways of using social media in education. Social media can enable students to study more efficiently and collaboratively. On the other hand, it may have negative implications, such as causing distractions that will affect students’ academic performance. The course will discuss the pros and cons of various kinds of social media platforms and suggest ways to overcome the problems.


Course Outline

  • Effective ways of using social media

  • Impact of social media on children, teenagers, and families

  • Solutions to the problems of social media such as cyberbullying, social media fatigue, etc.


Target Participants / Prerequisite

Students who are interested in learning more about the tremendous impact of social media.


Course Instructor

Ms. Irene FUNG

Ms. Irene Fung graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Studies at University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She continued her academic education at University College London and obtained a Master’s Degree in Library & Information Studies. She is a qualified teacher and her subject interest are Maths in education, teaching English as a foreign language and teaching children with learning difficulties. Before she joined the University of Hong Kong as a librarian, she has taught in both primary and secondary schools. She worked in HKU Libraries for over 25 years and was appointed as Education Librarian in most of the years. Ms Fung has considerable teaching experience in information literacy and knowledge management skills for University students and staff. During the period 1995-2005, she had taken up part-time teaching for the Faculty of Education, HKU SPACE and Charles Sturt University for the programmes of BEd (Library & Information Studies), MSc (Library & Information Studies) and Diploma in Teacher Librarianship. In recent years, she served as an External Examiner for the programme of Diploma in Teacher Librarianship of HKU SPACE. 


Medium of Instruction

Cantonese and English

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