Shine like Shakespeare: Read.Write.Perform! (Primary)

P4 - P6 Students

5-9 Aug 2019: 2pm - 5pm

HKD 3,750

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Course Objectives

Through participating in this programme, students will:

  • Demonstrate enhanced creativity through writing and performance

  • Increase their confidence in communication and develop their talents in the language arts

  • Build social and personal skills through working as a team

  • Brainstorm solutions to problems and make choices

  • Think fast and think on their feet

Course Description

This is a holistic course that aims to bring out the creativity of students, deepen their understanding of history and language, and express their thoughts and feelings in writing, speaking and performance, through working with Shakespeare. Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers that ever lived and students are likely to study at least some Shakespeare in their schooling years. Through this interactive and fun course, students will learn to love Shakespeare, instead of being afraid of him. In this course, students read to understand the stories and characters of Shakespeare, devise and write their own plays, and finally perform their work in front of audience. Parents are invited to watch the performance of the students on the last day of class.

Target Participants / Prerequisite​

P4-P6 students who have above-average English speaking and writing ability.


Course Instructor

Ms. Celene CHANG

Celene Chang is an experienced educator and a passionate Shakespearean actor. Her aspiration is to share her love for Shakespeare and the joy of Shakespeare with young people through games and performance. Apart from teaching English in local schools and international schools in Hong Kong, she has also directed student productions of Shakespeare plays. Celene was selected as a participant in the IMPACT! Teachers Professional Development Programme in Drama and was trained at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. She furthered her training in Shakespeare at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London.

She received her Bachelor of Science from California Institute of Technology and her MBA and MSc from Stanford University. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from The University of Hong Kong. 

Medium of Instruction


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