English Talents and Creativity: Seeing the World with our Senses

For P5 - P6 students

20-25 JUL 2015 (Mon - Sat) - 10am - 12nn (6 sessions, 12 hours)


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Course ​Objectives

  1. Through activities, students will experience the difficulties faced by the blind and develop empathy and awareness for those with visual disabilities.
  2. Students will explore creative solutions to difficulties faced by people with visual impairments.
  3. Students will learn to work collaboratively and use different perspectives to view different situations and experiences.
  4. Students will express themselves creatively, strengthening their English writing and    speaking skills through activities such as games, poetry writing, descriptive writing, presentations, and creative drama.
Course Outline

1st session: Using the Senses

Through games and activities, students will experience the world without the sense of sight. They will work together in teams and explore how we use a combination of senses to perceive the world. Students will end with a class discussion on the meaning of colour to someone who is blind.

​2nd session: A Colour Experience

Students will construct a colour experience for someone who is blind with the use of expressive adjectives, the use of all their senses, emotions and feelings, and the meanings and ideas attached to different colours. Students will then analyze poems about colours and try to “see” from different perspectives. The teacher will then lead the students to write a creative free-form poem which will be collaboratively reconstructed in their own groups later on. 

3rd session: Reading with Braille

How do people who are blind read or write? This is a difficulty faced by the blind and students will explore the experience through games and activities to learn more about Braille and his brilliant invention. They will have a chance to read a story in real letter-pressed Braille and from analyzing the story, create their own sensory picture using all the senses figuratively and literally. 

4th session: Overcoming Difficulties
Students will experience different scenarios in which people who are blind may face difficulties. They will discuss the infrastructure of Hong Kong (i.e. shopping malls, streets, buses, MTRs, etc.) and analyze how it helps or hinders people with disabilities. Students will pick a problem and create an innovative invention that could help people who are visually impaired. Students will write up a plan for their invention and present it to the class.

5th session: Dramatic Voices
Sound is very important to people who are blind and students will have a chance to create their own radio drama. The teacher will lead students in drama activities to introduce dramatic techniques on how to use stress, intonation, and voice pitch to convey meaning and feelings. In groups, students will plan a storyboard and think about how to bring their story to life with sound effects or even more creatively, with other senses such as touch or smell.

6th session: Radio Drama
Students will perform the radio drama and to enhance the experience, the audience will wear blindfolds for the full effect of the sound effects and dramatic voices used in descriptive passages. The last session is also a time for students to reflect on their own progress and how their own perceptions have changed during the course of the programme.


Target Participants / Prerequisite

Students should have a high academic standing in the English subject with a high level of grade-level proficiency and comprehension skills. The entire programme will be conducted in English with abstract concepts and themes to be explored. The programme is aimed at students who are talented in English and who have a strong English language foundation. It is also strongly encouraged for students to attend every lesson and that parents make alternate arrangements if there is a scheduling conflict. 


Course Tutor

Hester LO
Miss Lo completed the PcAdvEdStd programme in Gifted Education and Science Education, and a Master of Education degree majoring in Special and Inclusive Education at the University of Hong Kong. She is an experienced English language teacher and is working as a native English-speaking teacher in Hong Kong. She has designed and taught many English and science programmes for gifted children since early 2010 and has worked with HKU and the Fung Hon Chu Gifted Education Centre.

Medium of Instruction
HKU Campus



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