Job Twister 職場大反轉

P2 - P4 Students

9 - 13 Jul 2018 : 3pm - 6pm

HKD 3,600

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Course Objectives
After the completion upon this programme, participants would be able to:
  1.  Enhance their affective development through experiencing and appreciating the lives of different classes;

  2. Acquire multi-perspective thinking skills in reflecting on the difficulties faced by and contributions of occupations in different classes, especially the lower class;

  3. Utilize limited resources to organize a campaign for arousing public awareness of the significance of the lower class

  4. Develop basic research skills through investigating the poverty issue in Hong Kong.


Course Outline

An unique experiential program that allows students to acquire profound understanding of the growing disparity between rich and poor in Hong Kong society. The in-depth investigation of the poverty in Hong Kong and the fieldwork experiences in different occupational environment encourage students to explore the needs of the underprivileged and appreciate their contribution to the community, thus raise their awareness of social issues. Important personal qualities, such as critical thinking, research skills and self-reflective habits will be highlighted throughout the program. Parents will be invited to share their joy and participate in the experiential game designed and led by students in the final presentation sessions on the last day of the program.



Target Participants / Prerequisite

  • Primary 2-4 Students who are able to express their ideas and have problem-solving skills

  • Proficient in English


Course Instructor


Ms. Twiggy CHAN

Ms. Twiggy Chan is currently an independent education consultant, focusing on special education and talent development in Hong Kong. She is now actively involved in special needs teacher training at university. She has obtained Master of Education in Inclusive and Special Education; Master of Social Science in Social Work; Postgraduate Diploma in Education; Bachelor of Science in Sport Science and Leisure Management and Professional development Course for Teachers (Catering for Diverse Learning Needs). She has been teaching in international school, local schools and non-profit organization.

Twiggy is one of the Founding members, Special Interest Group for School Guidance, Life Skills and Career Development, Faculty of Education Centre for Advancement of Inclusive and Special Education, The University of Hong Kong and help to lead workshops or be a speaker for teachers and parents with gifted learners or children with learning difficulties. She also organized events to promote the talents for students with special needs, such as the “Special Innovation House: A Multi-sensory Extravaganza”, Boaz International Education, with more than 200 participants.

Twiggy also specializes in helping students to find their talents and has partnered with universities and schools to conduct leadership training and entrepreneurship training program. Her start-up company, Boaz International Education Institute, has been awarded HSBC Youth Business Award 2016 – Gold Award, HKTDC and HKFYG Entrepreneur Day 2016 – Outstanding Start-up Award, Top 10 SME Customer Service Awards 2016 and Innovative Entrepreneurship Award 2017 by Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. Her start-up story has been featured in various media and has been awarded the Most Social Responsible Corporate Award by Welikehk in 2017.


Mr. Kingsly TAM

Mr. Kingsly Tam is enthusiastic about teaching primary and secondary students, and has rich experience in conducting social-emotional and talent programs. He is a part-time lecturer at HKU CAISE and has been teaching afterschool programs in secondary and primary schools. He is adept at using pictures and concept maps to help students understand the answering skills of complicated math questions, and also the relationship between different perspectives of knowledge. He has also been the speaker of numerous workshops in local and international primary school to share the skills of teaching SEN students. Mr. Tam is currently the Program Manager of Boaz International Education Institute.



Medium of Instruction

English supplemented with Cantonese

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