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擁抱你自己 - 透過藝術認識你的情緒
Embrace your inner self - Recognize your Emotions through Arts
小三至小四學生 (廣東話)
5月15, 22, 29日,6月6, 12, 19 日 (共6節) 上午9時30分至下午12時30分
費用: 全免
P3 – P4 ​​students (in Cantonese)
15, 22, 29 May; 6, 12, 19 Jun (6 sessions) 09:30 - 12:30
Fee: Free of charge
*This is an online programme which will be conducted via Zoom.


  • 建立自我反思能力

  • 建立以藝術媒介作表達情緒的意識

  • 探索和理解日常生活中的情感需求

  • 通過藝術發展情感技能

  • 製作成品來表達他們的情緒

  • 展示及分享他們的成品








Programme Objectives

Students are able to:

  • develop self-reflection skills.

  • develop awareness of Arts as a tool of expressing their emotions, opinions, needs etc.

  • explore and understand emotional needs in daily life.

  • develop affective skills through Arts.

  • produce artifacts to represent their emotions.

  • present and share their artifacts.

Programme Description

This is a workshop which aims to enhance students’ affective skills through art. In the workshop, students will be exposed in a fun and warm atmosphere. Students will be able to know about and handle with emotions by reading relevant illustration books or videos. They can get to touch their inner-self and their emotions through a lot of hands-on activities. They also learn to express themselves and interact with others by sharing their artwork and appreciating others’ work.

Target Participants / Prerequisite​

P3 - P4 students 


Programme Instructor

Ms. Gina Wong

Ms. Gina Wong is an experienced Visual Arts teacher. She got her Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts) from the Hong Kong Institute of Education and is now studying her master degree in Gifted Education in the University of Hong Kong. She teaches in various local primary schools and has been the Panel Chairperson for the Visual Arts Department for over 3 years. She believes that art is the best tool for children to express themselves. In her lessons, she always designs activities which encourage students’ creativity and cater their emotional needs. She loves communicating with students after appreciating their artwork. 

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese supplemented with English teaching materials

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