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Magic, Science and Mathematics 魔術、科學與數學

P5 - S2 Students

31 Jul – 1 Aug 2019: 2pm - 5pm

HKD 1,620

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Course Objectives

After completion of the course, students will

1) learn about the magical effect of science and some magic related mathematics

2) perform magic tricks in group by integrating the knowledge of science and mathematics acquired

Course Outline

Session 1  Centre of Gravity and Equilibrium of Forces, Friction and Archimedes Principle

Session 2  Optical Illusion, Electromagnetism, Heat Transfer and Chemistry

Target Participants / Prerequisite
For students completed P5 - S2 who are creative, like magic and good at Mathematics and Science.
Course Instructor

Mr. Felix TSE

Mr. Tse holds a master degree in Electrical engineering and obtained distinction in Post-Graduate Certificate of Education. He had been an engineer in an internationally listed company in early career and became a teacher for about 30 years afterwards. He has taught in the School of Continuing Studies of CUHK (now CUSCS) for more than 2 years and taught in HK Technical Teacher College (now known as Education University of Hong Kong). Currently, he has established “Science World Limited” and is responsible for academic development and the design of science programs. Science World Limited aims to serve many schools and organizations. Additionally, Mr. Tse has designed and taught science programs (forensic science, food science, renewable energy) for talented children in the Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education as well as some on-going courses. He had also run and host a radio broadcasted program (26 episodes) about science named as “Science World” broadcasted in RTHK DAB 31.


Medium of Instruction

Cantonese with English terms












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