H.O.T.S. in Dance (Basic Level) 舞蹈與高階思維(初階) (HOTS denotes higher-order thinking skills)

P4 – P6 Students

23 - 27 Jul 2018 : 10am - 12pm

HKD 2,400

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Course Objectives
  1.  Develop higher-order thinking skills through dance analysis, evaluation and creation;

  2.  Enhance psychosocial skills such as self-efficacy (i.e., “I can do it!”), growth mindset (e.g., embrace challenges), and   
     positive social skills

  3.  Perform a short one-minute dance

  4.  Analyze the elements of dance

  5.  Evaluate own and other groups’ dance performance and choreography

  6. Create own two-minutes dance choreography in a team of four to five people to a popular song



Course Outline

This course focuses on dance performance, creation and appreciation.  Importantly, this course emphasizes on developing students’ higher-order thinking skills (H.O.T.S.), that is, to analyze, evaluate and create (Anderson, et al., 2001) dance through activities that encourage students to reflect, comment and write in English about their learning experiences.  The Dance Talent Development Model (Chua, 2015a) that focuses on psychosocial variables such as self-efficacy, growth mindset, and social skills undergirds this course.  Students will be motivated to improvise to tasks, ideas and music (Chua, 2016b).  The combination of dramatic and fun improvisation will help students gain confidence to think on their feet, act spontaneously, persevere and embrace challenges (Chua, 2014).  Working towards a common goal and solving problems together will help students improve teamwork, communication skills and divergent thinking skills (Chua, 2015b).



Target Participants / Prerequisite

For students completed P4 - P6 who are interested in enhancing psychological health through dancing are welcome.



Course Instructor

Dr. Joey CHUA

Born and raised in Singapore, Joey has taught dance to academically gifted students at the annual camp organized by the Gifted Education Branch in Singapore.  Curious about the different cultures in the world, Joey has travelled to exotic places like Soweto in South Africa, and the Nordic countries like Sweden and Finland, and taught dance to schoolchildren there.  Determined to help students transform their potential into talent, Joey actively engages in research and rely on robust empirical findings to improve her pedagogical skills (Chua, 2016a).  A fervent practitioner, Joey has performed in international festivals such as Dance Umbrella, Seoul International Dance Festival, da:ns festival, and more recently, at the M1 Fringe Festival in 2017.



Medium of Instruction


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