Grow, Glow and Let’s Go – Supporting Gifted Students’ Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Development

For Primary 4 - 6 students

27 - 31 JUL 2015 (Mon - Fri) - 2pm - 5pm (6 sessions, 18 hours)


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Course Objectives

Upon completion of the program, students are able to:

  • identify personal strength along talent development

  • examine how emotion affect thinking, behaviour and talent development

  • nourish inner joy and peace to accept ups and downs in life breakthrough self-set limit and develop talent / interests


Course Description

Guiding gifted / highly able students to recognize their affective needs is critical as this can support their whole-person development. When students are more willing and ready to face any issues arise, they can generate the wisdom, courage and techniques (e.g., practicing stress management or mindfulness skills) to soothe negative emotions as well as cultivate their inner joy and peace. Also they can shed light on themselves, become more stable and positive to overcome upcoming challenges.


Course Outline

Session 1:  Hide-and-seek: Understanding the operation of emotion and its influence

Session 2:  Tip 1: Indication of Failure

Session 3:  Tip 2: Recognizing your own drive: Digging out your intention

Session 4:  Give it a try: Self-acceptance and Taking care of inner worries

Session 5:  Tip 3: Self-unleash and extension  


Target Participants / Prerequisite
Primary school students who are interested in personal growth and breakthrough self-set limit are welcome.


Course Instructor

NG Man Kit Jo

Ms. Ng Man Kit Jo is a registered social worker, a teacher, and the Academic Advisors of Hong Kong Gifted Education Teachers’ Association. She received her Master degree with Gifted Education Concentration in the University of British Columbia in 2010. She previously worked as an English and Liberal Studies Teacher, a program assistant of a summer residential camp for highly able high school students across Canada; and a Professional Development Officer of Teacher Professional Development Division of The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education


Ms. Ng stretches herself and currently works as a part-time Learning Support Specialist in an international school. For the rest of time, she provides consultation services to teachers and parents. She also offers counselling service such as enhancing parent-child relationship, handling social-emotional or motivational issues of students with diverse learning needs as well as providing guidance for individuals who seek for personal growth. Ms. Ng is also highly experienced in planning and running developmental groups in schools and summer camp with gifted education elements both locally and overseas.


Her recent sharing, “Getting Along with Peers”, was published in The Gifted Bulletin (Issue 14, 2015 Feb) of The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.







Medium of Instruction

HKU Campus


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