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Grow, Glow and Let’s Go – Supporting Talented Students’ Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Development 成長、發亮出!資優生個人及人際關係發展

S1 - S3 Students

22 – 26 Jul 2019: 2pm - 5pm

HKD 3,900

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Course Objectives
  • Identify personal strength along talent development
  • Examine how emotion affect thinking, behaviour and talent development
  • Nourish inner joy and peace to accept ups and downs in life breakthrough self-set limit and develop talent / interests
Course Description

Guiding gifted / highly able students to recognize their affective needs is critical as this can support their whole-person development. When students are more willing and ready to face any issues arise, they can generate the wisdom, courage and techniques (e.g., practicing stress management or mindfulness skills) to soothe negative emotions as well as cultivate their inner joy and peace. Also, they can shed light on themselves, become more stable and positive to overcome upcoming challenges.


Course Outline

Session 1:  Hide-and-seek: Understanding the operation of emotion and its influence

Session 2:  Tip 1: Indication of Failure

Session 3:  Tip 2: Recognizing your own drive: Digging out your intention

Session 4:  Give it a try: Self-acceptance and Taking care of inner worries

Session 5:  Tip 3: Self-unleash and extension  



Target Participants / Prerequisite
Secondary school students who are interested in personal growth and breakthrough self-set limit are welcome.

Course Instructor

Ms. Jo NG

Ms. Jo NG is a developmental consultant, a teacher and a registered social worker. She received a master's degree in Special Education with Gifted Education Concentration from the University of British Columbia. She has been working in local and international schools. She also worked at the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education as a professional development officer in the Teacher Professional Development Division for 3 years.


Currently Jo provides consultation service related to special educational needs in local primary schools. She has also been an instructor in the Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE) at the University of Hong Kong since 2015, and served as the Academic Advisor of Hong Kong Gifted Education Teachers’ Association.


Jo is keen to support the growth and well-being of children, adolescents, parents and educators through providing case consultation, developmental groups and professional development training. She has been practicing mindfulness under the tradition of Plum Village since 2013 and completed the one-year Mindfulness Teachers Training Program by The Mindfulness Academy in 2015. She has initiated a quarterly Day of Mindfulness for Children with Plum Village monastics and HKU CAISE since March 2016.


Her aspiration is to cultivate joy and happiness in children, family, schools and the society.

Medium of Instruction



  • 認清個人能力作才華發展;

  • 探討情緒如何影響思考、行為及才華發展;

  • 透過認識個人能力與愛好,培養內心平靜與喜悅、接受生活中的起伏,以及突破自己的限制








第三節:認清自己的動力: 挖掘出自己的動機







吳文潔是香港大學教育學院融合與特殊教育研究發展中心的總監 (課程發展),2015年加入並擔任課程導師。她是教師和註冊社工,於2010年在加拿大卑詩大學獲頒特殊教育碩士學位,主修資優教育。曾任職本地及國際學校,現為香港資優教育教師協會學術顧問。

吳女士以個案諮商、成長小組、專業發展培訓及公開講座,推廣及支援孩子、青年、父母及教育工作者的成長與身心幸福。她自2013年起參與梅村的正念修習,2015年修畢為期一年的「正念導師培訓課程」(由Plum Village Mindfulness Academy舉辦)。吳女士於2016年3月起協助開辦季度兒童正念日,與梅村僧侶及香港大學教育學院融合與特殊教育研究發展中心共同推行。




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