Global Business and Social Entrepreneurship Studies 環球商業與社企概論

S1 - S3 Students

6 - 10, 13 - 15 Aug 2018 : 2pm - 4pm

HK$ 3,800

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Course Objectives

  1. To acquire substantial level of understanding of business knowledge and methodology used in the business field.

  2. To develop self-directed learning skills in the areas of inquiry, organization, contextual analysis and evaluation in the process of business case studying.

  3. To develop task-commitment, self –confidence and feelings of creative accomplishment through individual and small group investigations of real business problems.

Course Outline
1st  session:  The nature of business(Lecture)
2nd session:  Small-medium enterprises in Hong Kong(Field Visit 1)
3rd  session:  Small-medium enterprises in Hong Kong(Post Field Trip Seminar)
4th  session:  Global business strategy and methods of international expansion (Field Visit 2)
5th  session:  Global business strategy and methods of international expansion (Post Field Trip Seminar)
6th  session:  Social enterprises in Hong Kong (Field Visit 3)
7th  session:  Social enterprises in Hong Kong (Post Field Trip Seminar)
8th  session:  Final presentation and sharing


Target Participants / Prerequisite

  1. Above average ability in academic result/project learning skills (Ability Dimension)

  2. Creative, have strong willingness to try new things (Creativity Dimension)

  3. High motivation in business learning (Task Commitment Dimension)


Course Instructor 

Mr. Ken YU

Mr. YU is currently an independent education consultant, focusing on gifted education and talent development  in Hong Kong and South China. He has undergraduate and/or  postgraducate qualifications in journalism, science, social sciences, education studies, research and  business  fields. He has been served as part-time lecturer at  various local universities and gifted education programme instructor at Fung Hon Chu Gifted Education Center, Education Bureau, Hong Kong over the years.

Medium of Instruction 
Cantonese supplemented with English
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