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The Facilitators
Head Teacher
Dr. Serene Chan obtained her PCEd and EdD from the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include the enhancement of creativity and the development of gifted education in schools. She is currently involved in curriculum development in primary schools. Serene is also an experienced English teacher and she has an MA in TESOL. In addition to teaching experience in Hong Kong, she has taught in the United States, Costa Rica, and Macau.
Social Game

Dr. Sylvia Liu began the study of interactive group games with rules in developing social competence and generic competencies in 2004. She pioneered the play-based intervention “Pillars of Society” funded by the Quality Education Fund of Hong Kong Education Bureau in 2006, which has continued to be delivered in primary schools. Her research confirmed the play-based intervention’s positive impact on both high-ability and average-ability children. One of the contributions is a conceptual model (Social Star Mirror Model) that guides the social development approach in a social intervention where adults scaffold social learning through playing group games. She will be responsible for designing and implementing the social game training.


Mindfulness Practice

Ms. Jo Ng is a developmental consultant, a teacher and a registered social worker. She received a master's degree in Special Education with Gifted Education Concentration from the University of British Columbia. She has been working in local and international schools. She also worked at the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education as a professional development officer in the Teacher Professional Development Division for 3 years.


Currently Jo provides consultation service related to special educational needs in local primary schools. She has also been an instructor in the Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE) at the University of Hong Kong since 2015, and served as the Academic Advisor of Hong Kong Gifted Education Teachers’ Association.


Jo is keen to support the growth and well-being of children, adolescents, parents and educators through providing case consultation, developmental groups and professional development training. She has been practicing mindfulness under the tradition of Plum Village since 2013 and completed the one-year Mindfulness Teachers Training Program by The Mindfulness Academy in 2015. She has initiated a quarterly Day of Mindfulness for Children with Plum Village monastics and HKU CAISE since March 2016.


Her aspiration is to cultivate joy and happiness in children, family, schools and the society.


Super Artists

Super Artist - Visual Arts for Creative and Talented Children is a Visual Arts series for young children to unfold their ‘creative self’ by using visual symbols as non-verbal language. Children in this series are able to appreciate artworks and examine material physicality through painting, illustrations, photography, and sculpture exercises.


Course designer and facilitator

Ms. Suzannie Leung is a PhD Candidate at HKU studying early visual arts education in Hong Kong. She is an interdisciplinary educator – she graduated with an art degree in Creative Media from CityU, a PGDE (distinction) in Early Childhood Education from HKU, a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and an MEd degree in Educational Psychology (dean’s list) from CUHK.

Suzannie worked as a Project Officer at HKAGE in developing off-site gifted programmes in humanities and social sciences for secondary and primary school students. Currently, she serves as a lecturer in the Early Childhood Education and Elementary Division of HKBU. Her conference papers and journal articles covered the areas of visual arts and creativity for young children and teacher training.


Tutor for Session 1-2

Ms. Stephanie Sin is a painting artist who received her fine art degree at RMIT and MVA at HKBU. She has rich teaching experiences teaching young children in art studios and teenagers in primary and secondary schools. She is currently collaborating with MTR in their art architecture project.


Tutor for Session 3-5

Mr. Leo Wong is sculpture artist who completed his fine art degree (distinction) at RMIT and MVA at HKBU. He was a part-time tutor for gifted and talented students in visual arts in the Artist in Resident Program of the Hong Kong Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity.

STEM Ideas around the World

The course is designed for talented primary students. The participants will be divided into two groups. All participants will explore STEM ideas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through experiments and activities.


Course designer and facilitator

Dr. Joyce Fung, obtained her doctorate from the University of Hong Kong, specializing in the field of gifted education. She is an experienced teacher of mathematics and ICT. She has spent more than 14 years in writing computer and information technology textbooks for secondary schools in Hong Kong. Recently, she has developed HKPARENTS - a website which supplies parental advice and resources online.


Instructor of group 1 (P3-P4)

Ms. Janice Lai has a Master of Education degree from the University of Hong Kong. She is an experienced English teacher with 10 years' experience in secondary school. She is a creative illustrator with expertise in combining computer skills, art, and innovative ideas to create unique artworks.


Instructor of group 2 (P5-P6)

Ms. Celina Lee is a trained IB English teacher and is a teacher of English in a secondary school in Hong Kong. She coaches talented students in her school to participate in international competitions such as the World Scholar's Cup.

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