How to Nurture Mathematically Gifted Students?
4 Apr 2021 (Sunday) 14:00 – 16:30   4月4日,下午2時至4時半
HKD $300
*This is an online talk which will be conducted via Zoom.
Programme Objectives

Parents will learn about
1.    How to identify Mathematically Gifted Children
2.    Affective Education for Mathematically Gifted Children
3.    How to nurture Mathematically Gifted Children in daily life
4.    Local and international resources for Mathematically Gifted Students
5.    How to select appropriate courses and competitions for Mathematically Gifted Children
6.    Study Pathways for Mathematically Gifted Students

Programme Outline

This online talk aims at equipping parents to nurture their mathematically gifted children in a comprehensive and better way. Parents also learn how to address the affective needs of their mathematically gifted children.

Target Participants / Prerequisite​



Programme Instructor

Anderson Cheuk-kuen KWAN

Anderson Cheuk-kuen KWAN (Cert.Ed., B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Ed., MACE) was seconded to Mathematics Education Section of Education Bureau (EDB) for 2 years, is now an adjudicator of EDB Math Book Report Competition since 2009 as well as a focus and working group member of EDB Digital Depository (Math) from 2009 to 2013. 

Since 2018, he was appointed to be a coordinator of the Hong Kong Branch of the World Giftedness Center which commences operations in close collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (https://www.wgc.ae/) .

In addition, he was also a founding member of the special interest group for Gifted Education, Creativity and Talent Development at HKU. Besides, he has been acting as a course designer and tutor of gifted programmes held by HKU for several times as well as had a sharing to HKU M.Ed. students regarding mathematically gifted education.

He is also invited by Education Bureau to be a member of the Task Quality Assurance Committee from 2020 to 2021 to give professional advices to assessment tasks as well as learning and teaching materials in the Student Assessment Repository (STAR) and Web-based Learning and Teaching Support (WLTS) for Mathematics at Secondary Level.

He was invited by the Review and Planning Section of EDB as well as the Faculty of Education at HKU respectively to be a guest speaker to conduct a sharing to secondary teachers and HKU M.Ed. students how to conduct math lessons for junior form secondary students in English Medium Instruction.

At last, he also publishes a journal in 2013 jointly written with a HKU associate professor regarding the design of the programmes about gifted education in Math in Gifted and Talented International Journal as well as another paper about the design rationale and implementation of mathematically gifted programs in 2019 School Mathematics Newsletter Vol. 22 published by Mathematics Education Section, Curriculum Institute, Education Bureau, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Medium of Instruction




  1. 如何識別數學資優子女

  2. 情意教育與數學資優子女

  3. 如何在日常生活中培育數學資優子女

  4. 本地及各地培育數學資優生的資訊

  5. 如何選擇合適的課程及比賽給數學資優子女

  6. 數學資優生的升學途徑








關焯權先生獲取香港大學教育碩士、理碩士(電腦) 、理學士(工程) 、教育文憑及香港電腦教育學會專業會員。


他也曾以借調形式在教育局數學教育組工作兩年,並從2009年開始至今擔任教育局數學組數學閱讀報告比賽的籌委及評判之一。在2009年至2013年期間,他曾獲邀擔任教育局「課程為本學與教資源庫(數學) 」焦點及工作小組成員之一。


由2018年開始,他獲委任為世界資優中心的(https://www.wgc.ae/) 香港區協調員,世界資優中心與聯合國教育、科學及文化組織緊密合作。








最後,他聯同一位港大教育學院副教授曾撰寫一篇有關數學資優課程設計的論文,並於2013年《資優及天才國際期刊》內發表。他亦曾於香港特別行政區教育局課程發展署數學教育組《2019 學校數學通訊第二十二期》內發表一文章有關數學資優課程的設計理念及實踐。





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