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Be Your Own Superhero - Pop-up Storybook Production Workshop
你的超級英雄」- 製作立體故事書工作坊
P2 – P5  小二至小五學生
Date 日期:December 10, 2022 (2 sessions) 11:00 - 13:00; 14:00 - 17:00   
Workshop fee 費用:HKD $1,700
This workshop will be run face-to-face. 
If face-to-face instruction is not allowed by the EDB by then, the workshop will be cancelled, and a refund will be arranged.


Start with storyboard 由故事大綱開始

Storybook production 動手製作故事書

Share your ideas with the class 與朋友分享創作靈感

Workshop Objectives

1.          Demonstrate the principles of storytelling through their storybook

2.          Create a storybook inspired by the illustration styles introduced in the workshop

3.          Produce a storybook with pop-up effects which fit into the storyline

Workshop Description

This course aims to introduce the techniques of pop-up design which could be applied to various print products, such as: greeting cards, story books and even teaching materials. In this course, the principles of storytelling will be highlighted for participants to create a storyline of their storybooks. Participants are expected to apply the illustration styles and pop-up effects introduced to produce a storybook with the theme "Be your own SUPERHERO".


Target Participants / Prerequisite
For P2 - P5 students who are keen on creative art and storytelling. 

Workshop Instructor

Dr. Suzannie Leung 


Dr. Suzannie Leung is an assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She graduated from CityU with a BA (Hons) degree in Creative Media, a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and a MEd degree in Educational Psychology (on the dean’s honor list) from CUHK, a Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education (with distinction), a MA degree in Visual Arts (Merit) from HKBU and PhD from HKU. She is a registered kindergarten teacher and a qualified kindergarten principal. With over ten years of educational experience in a variety of settings, she has engaged in kindergarten teacher education, curriculum development, programme design for gifted children, and curatorial work for early childhood art exhibitions. Her research interest focuses on curriculum studies, teacher education, and children’s learning. Her academic works explored multidisciplinary and integrative approaches in Hong Kong education settings and her works were recognized by several overseas academic journals.

Mr. Tony CHAN

BA, MBA (Wales)

Mr. Tony Chan is an experienced production artist, who was the Guest Trainer, illustration training workshop for the project “Promoting diversity through children’s literature”, The Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education, The University of Hong Kong (2015). He has run a local business of printing and design in Hong Kong since 2004. His company mainly focuses on graphic design, book publishing and event management for over 300 non-governmental organizations, university, kindergartens, primary, secondary and special schools in Hong Kong.

Medium of Instruction
English supplemented with Cantonese


1.     透過他們自創的故事書,展示說故事的不同原則;

2.     掌握工作坊所介紹的不同繪本之風格,並啟發其自行創作一本故事書;

3.     製作一本合符故事情節的立體故事書。










陳澤恒先生是一位富經驗的製作/出版藝術工作者,曾於2015 年擔任香港大學融合與特殊教育研究發展中心「透過幼兒文學推廣多樣性」計劃之繪畫培訓工作坊客席講者。他自2004 年起創辦及經營一家香港本地之印刷及設計公司。業務重點包括平面設計、書刊出版及活動籌劃,曾服務香港逾300 家非政府機構、大學、幼稚園、中小學及特殊學校。



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