How will you choose? Critical Thinking Through Creative Writing & Storytelling

P4  - P6 Students

10, 12 & 14 August 2020, 1pm-3pm

HKD 2,100

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*This is an online course which will be conducted via Zoom.
Course Objectives

Students will

  • develop critical self-reflection skills.

  • develop awareness of language as a tool of communicating beliefs, opinions, needs etc.

  • explore moral issues in daily life and understand the effects they have on their decision-making, choices, outcomes, and possible consequences.

  • develop critical thinking skills through creative writing.

  • produce a convincing piece of writing to represent the scenario, decisions made and consequences.

  • present their writing in a creative way (i.e. blog, podcast, short film, drama performance, playscript, song, poem, diary, etc.)

Course Outline

Students will develop critical thinking skills through creative writing, using their own imagination, ideas, emotions, thought processes as the sources of creativity. The programme will run over three days, each session will be two hours long.


Day 1

  1. Own perception of creativity

  2. Creative writing process introduction.

  3. Creative writing skills – narrative perspectives; use of tense; showing vs telling; writing dialogue. Application using prompts and stimuli.

  4. Decision-making process – mapping out the process.


Day 2

  1. Understanding different perspectives, and roles of the people around us – how they affect our decisions, actions and consequences.

  2. Give out scenarios and lead students to discussions.

  3. Brainstorming, planning, drafting


Day 3

  1. Peer reviewing, feedback, editing and revising

  2. Publishing / Sharing / Presenting

  3. Evaluation


Target Participants / Prerequisite

Students should be proficient in English, creative and have problem-solving skills.

Course Instructor

Ms Irenee CHAN

Ms Irenee Chan is a Native English Teacher with over ten years’ teaching experience in Hong Kong. She grew up in Brisbane, Australia and got her Bachelor of Education with First Class Honours from Griffith University. She returned to HK to teach English and later acquired a Master of Arts in English Language Teaching from CUHK. She taught English as a NET in Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division and was a Panel Chairperson for the English Department. She has also written teacher’s guides for Oxford University Press and Wiseman Education, and run workshops on storytelling and writing for students. She currently tutors English, freelances for different institutes and is working towards writing children’s books.


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