Creative Thinking for a Better Living: A Visual Approach 圖像思維:引發生活創意

S1 - S3 Students

6, 9, 13, 16, 20 & 23 Aug 2018 : 2pm - 4:30pm

HK$ 3,750

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Course Objectives

As the course title implies, this course has been devised to help students of varying ages to explore, develop and apply creative thinking skills to both daily and life situations.  This course has been designed to be inspirational in nature, striving to create a proper start in the life long quest for thinking skills for study, work and living (instead of a one-off exercise or just another summer course).  It is the tutor's strong belief that it is our thoughts and thinking that created (a) this human world and (b) the quality, meaning and fulfillment of our own lives.  It is almost impossible to over-stress the importance of thinking and creativity in our life and living.  This course aims to give us a "reboot" in our past thinking systems for our own good.  The worlds of thinking facing all students are going to get a lot bigger after attending this course.


Course Outline

  • This course has been structured into 6 sessions, with each session individually themed and inter coordinated to guide the students through a fascinating and memorable journey in the quest for thinking techniques, experiences and demonstrations.

  • Content wise this course has been devised and substantiated with a wide array of thinking related theories, which have been repeatedly tried and tested by the tutor's three decades of planning, design and research experience.

  • In particular, the course design is well grounded as its design has drawn reference from original thinking principles such as the tutor's "get-pick-link" thinking trilogy, as well as the well-known "Tomlinson’s Equalizer" model in the field of educating talented children.

  • In summary, this course is well thought and well crafted, leveraging on the tutor's decades of thinking studies and professional consultancy practice, and therefore should prove to be relevant and useful for any students who are interested in improving their thinking for a better life and living.



Target Participants / Prerequisite
Telephone and/ or face-to-face interview is proposed to check out students’ interest and preference in course contents prior to course.

Course Instructor

Mr. Tonny CHUNG 

Mr Tonny Chung is a seasoned multidisciplinary consultant with some 30 years of experience.  With a solid background in urban, transport and business planning, Tonny has established a well-known reputation in multi-sectoral planning and market research.  Technically he is a specialist in railway and station planning.  More broadly he has established himself as a versatile planner/designer working across multiple fields, often as a generalist or an all rounded consultant.  Tonny was a Technical Director with the largest transport planning consultancy in Asia, where he worked for 27 years.  He worked in most of the major cities in China and Asia.  Currently he works in an investment company locally based in Hong Kong, as a Business Consultant, he is also a teacher, being actively involved in developing and delivering training on planning and thinking.  Recently he acted as the Business Development Director for Buddy Town, a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping mid age workforce in career transition.


Medium of Instruction


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