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Singing x Happiness: A Journey to Self-actualization through Singing
歌唱 x 幸福學:一段經由歌唱的自我實現之旅

Grade 年級

中一至中三 S1-S3

Price  費用


Date  日期

18-20/7, 22-24/7/2024


工作坊簡介  About the Workshop








This workshop highlights the health benefits of singing and explores how positive psychology can enhance personal and emotional growth, learning outcomes, and professional development for students who are passionate about singing.

Session 1: Introduction to Singing and Positive Psychology

Session 2: The Science of Happiness and Vocal Techniques

Session 3: Emotional Expression Through Singing

Session 4: Building Confidence and Community Through Singing

Session 5: Guest Speaker Sharing on A Professional Singer’s Journey: Turning Passion into Profession

Session 6: Performance and Reflection

工作坊目標  Workshop objectives

1. 透過提升參與者的歌唱能力和音樂理解來賦能參與者。
2. 應用正向心理學的原則,促進參與者的個人和情感成長。
3. 創建一個支持性社區,讓參與者可以自由地探索他們的才能並表達自己。
4. 通過結構化課程和互動活動,引導參與者探索自我實現的過程。

1. To empower participants by enhancing their singing abilities and understanding of music.
2. To apply principles of positive psychology to promote participants’ personal and emotional growth.
3. To create a supportive community where participants can explore their talents and express themselves freely.
4. To guide participants towards achieving self-actualization through structured lessons and interactive activities.

教學語言 Language of instruction


導師簡介  Your Instructor






Feng Jiamin Jasmine, walks a unique academic and professional journey that spans education, psychology, and the arts, showcasing a diverse skill set dedicated to enhancing educational environments and promoting mental health awareness.

Jasmine holds a Master of Education in Guidance and Counselling from the University of Hong Kong and has extensive experience in teaching, research, and program development focused on emotional management and positive education.

Beyond her educational pursuits, she is actively involved in the arts, particularly vocal performance and theatre, which she views as powerful tools for emotional expression, psychological healing and self-actualization.

Jasmine is committed to using her expertise in education, counselling, and the arts to contribute to the holistic development of individuals and communities. She is eager to explore opportunities that allow her to make a significant impact through innovation, empathy, and leadership in her field.

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