How to conduct HOT Games for preschoolers 如何為幼兒準備遊戲與高階思維課程

Parents and Teachers

23 Jul 2019: 4pm-6:30pm

HKD 650

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Course Objectives

1. To foster higher-order thinking skills through games and teamwork.
2. To reinforce positive social skills.

Course Outline

This course aims to enlighten parents and educators on ways in fostering young children’s higher order thinking skills (H.O.T.) through games. First, participants will differentiate between lower- and higher order thinking skills and questioning techniques. Second, participants will actively engage in games that aid children in recalling facts, categorizing facts or concrete items, applying facts as they search for solutions to hypothesis, and putting together facts or items in creative ways (Anderson, et al., 2001). 


Target Participants / Prerequisite
Parents and Teachers are welcome.

Course Instructor

Ms. Joey CHUA

Joey is an adjunct lecturer at the National Institute of Education (Singapore). She graduates with Ph.D. (Behavioral Sciences) from the University of Helsinki and Bachelor’s degree specializing in early childhood education from Finland. In 2018, she contributed a book chapter about dance talent development to The Psychology of High Performance published by the American Psychological Association 

Medium of Instruction



  • 透過遊戲及團隊合作,發展高階思維;

  • 提升正向社交技巧;


此課程著重引導家長及教育工作者如何通過遊戲學生的高階思維(H.O.T)。首先,參加者將學會區分低階和高階思維技能和提問技巧。其次,參與者需積極在遊戲中幫助學生回憶、分類、假設及創意應用事實或具體事件(Anderson, et al., 2001)。





蔡寶玉博士是國立教育學院(新加坡)的兼職講師。她擁有赫爾辛基大學(行為科學)的博士學位和兒童早期教育專業芬蘭學士學位。 在2018年,她為美國心理學會出版的“高性能心理學”撰寫了關於舞蹈人才發展的書籍章節。



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