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Recognize body energy and use it well - Supporting young gifted learners to self-regulate & parent workshop 支持年幼資優生認識及善用身體動能及家長工作坊

K3 - P2 Students & their parents

Student: 15-19 Jul 2019: 2pm - 5pm; Parent: 19 Jul 2019, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

HKD 4,760

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Course Objectives
After the completion upon this programme, 


Students can

  • recognize their excessive energy and its influence

  • acquire ways to calm body energy and strong emotions

  • express their needs in gentle ways


Parents can

  • recognize child’s capacity from a new perspective

  • acquire tips, skills and attitude to continuously support child’s development

Course Description

Through different mindfulness practices and fun activities, students will have the firsthand experience of aligning body energy with their hearts: the willingness to concentrate, behave well, kind-hearted and listened to others.


Students will acquire ways to observe their strong energy / emotions arise and subside, they will be empowered to choose a wiser way to use the energy or calm down. Deliberate practices and feedback will be given so students can have a more concrete idea about their positive changes and thus self-esteem can be increased.


Parents are invited to join a 2-hour workshop to know what the child has experienced, acquire the tips, skills and attitude to continue the support at home.

Target Participants / Prerequisite

Students completed K3-P2 are welcomed. 
Before the programme, a 5-10 min observation and play time with individual student, and another 5-10 min parent consultation will be conducted.

**Priorities will be given to gifted learners who are having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity features (with document support).

Course Instructor

Ms. Jo NG

Ms. Jo NG is the director (Curriculum Development) of the Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE) at The University of Hong Kong and served as an instructor since 2015. She is a teacher and a registered social worker. She received a master’s degree in Special Education with Gifted Education Concentration from The University of British Columbia. She has been working in local and international schools. She serves as the Academic Advisor of Hong Kong Gifted Education Teachers’ Association.


Jo promotes and support the growth and well-being of children, adolescents, parents and educators through case consultation, developmental groups, professional development training and public talk. She started practicing mindfulness under the tradition of Plum Village in 2013 and completed one-year Mindfulness Teachers Training Program by The Mindfulness Academy in 2015. She has initiated a quarterly Day of Mindfulness for Children with Plum Village monastics and HKU CAISE since March 2016.


Her aspiration is to cultivate joy and happiness in children, family, schools and the society.

Medium of Instruction




  • 認識身體能量過剩的狀態及影響

  • 掌握方法平穩身體動能及強烈情緒

  • 以柔和方法表達個人需要


  • 從嶄新角度肯定孩子的能力

  • 獲得提示、技巧、以關愛的態度去持續支持孩子成長








已完成高班(K3) - 小二學生。





吳文潔是香港大學教育學院融合與特殊教育研究發展中心的總監 (課程發展),2015年加入並擔任課程導師。她是教師和註冊社工,於2010年在加拿大卑詩大學獲頒特殊教育碩士學位,主修資優教育。曾任職本地及國際學校,現為香港資優教育教師協會學術顧問。


吳女士以個案諮商、成長小組、專業發展培訓及公開講座,推廣及支援孩子、青年、父母及教育工作者的成長與身心幸福。她自2013年起參與梅村的正念修習,2015年修畢為期一年的「正念導師培訓課程」(由Plum Village Mindfulness Academy舉辦)。吳女士於2016年3月起協助開辦季度兒童正念日,與梅村僧侶及香港大學教育學院融合與特殊教育研究發展中心共同推行。





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