Parent Seminar cum 2020 Winter Programme Info Session

Date : Oct 31, 2020 (Sat)

Time : 2:30 – 3:45pm

Language: Cantonese 

Enquiry: / WhatsApp:  5681 5334

Online seminar via Zoom 

Parent Seminar:

In this seminar Dr. Serene Chan will talk about creativity and problem solving. Ms. Jo Ng will share how enhancing teachers’ and parents’ understanding of children’s talent development trajectories can better support their transitions. 

There will also be time for parents and students to have direct interaction with our programme instructors. Come and join us!

Background of speakers:

Dr. Serene Chan is the Programme Director (Research) of the Programme for Creativity and Talent Development, CAISE. She is an experienced English teacher and curriculum developer. She is especially interested in the development of student potentials and the enhancement of creativity. In addition to teaching experience in Hong Kong, she has taught in the United States, Costa Rica, and Macau. Currently she is teaching MEd courses in gifted education and creativity at the University of Hong Kong. She has also developed language arts courses at CAISE for primary school students.

Ms. Jo Ng is the Programme Director (Curriculum Development) of CAISE, HKU. She designs, conducts, evaluates and supports talent development through creativity programmes, mainly in the affective domain, as well as promoting curriculum development in CAISE. She received her Master’s degree in Special Education with Gifted Education Concentration from the University of British Columbia. Jo is an experienced social worker, teacher and mindfulness practitioner, currently teaching PGDE course in gifted and talent development at HKU.

日期︰    2020年10月31日(星期六)
時間︰    下午2:30 – 3:45
語言︰    廣東話

查詢︰ / WhatsApp:  5681 5334






陳穗寧博士是香港大學教育學院:融合與特殊教育研究發展中心【發展創意 施展才華】課程的研究總監。她在英語教學和課程發展方面都有相當經驗。她致力於幫助學生發展潛能和提高創造力。除了在香港的教學經驗,她也曾在美國,哥斯達黎加和澳門等地任教。目前,她正在香港大學的教育碩士課程教授創造力和資優教育。她曾在【發展創意 施展才華】課程教授小學創意語文課程。


吳文潔女士是香港大學教育學院:融合與特殊教育研究發展中心【發展創意 施展才華】課程的課程發展總監,她設計、教授、評估及支援【發展創意 施展才華】情意發展課程,推動中心學生課程發展。她在加拿大卑詩大學獲頒特殊教育碩士學位,主修資優教育。她是位資深社工、教師及正念修習者,正於香港大學教育文憑課程教授資優與才華發展課程。


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